Date: 20 September 2024 (Friday)

Venue: JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong 
(Hybrid Mode)

Early Bird Deadline: 15 August 2024 (Thursday)














About CGC 2024



Immerse yourself in the corporate governance of the future! Join us for the hybrid 14th Biennial Corporate Governance Conference of the Hong Kong Chartered Governance Institute, "Reviewing, Rethinking and Resetting Corporate Governance for a New Era" on 20 September 2024 (Friday).

Governance exists to enable businesses and all organisations to act responsibly, to be successful, to be sustainable and to further the interests of all their stakeholders. Those interests and expectations are constantly changing and evolving - perhaps never so quickly as now when the pandemic, geopolitical tensions, financial and stock market volatility, disruptive technological change and the threat of irreversible climate change have created challenges, and with them opportunities, for the world's business leaders, investors, regulators and governance practitioners.

In this Conference, we will consider the scope, scale, and speed of these dynamic influences, the regulatory responses they prompt, the governance issues that arise, and, ultimately, the necessary reset of governance skills and practices.

The Conference's theme is a broad one. It will engage everyone interested in improving governance for a better future - whether you are involved in the public or private sector, listed or private companies, family offices or NGOs, professional practice and whether your role is as a governance professional, director, manager, investor or professional advisor.

We will address governance-related issues and subjects in a variety of organisations, offering knowledge and perceptions from practitioners. Participants will leave with new knowledge.

Through five dynamic sessions, we will:

Learn from business leaders about how the changing world is impacting their operations and how they are addressing the challenges and opportunities this brings.

Examine from the perspective of local, regional and global investors the changes in the influences on the business environment.

Understand from our regulators how they will be responding to the economic, financial and commercial trends, the changing demands and expectations of corporate stakeholders, and of society as a whole, whilst enhancing Hong Kong's role within China and as a global financial centre.

Review specific governance issues that will have a major impact on how companies, public bodies and social and voluntary organisations perform their roles, create value and serve their stakeholders, including risk and resilience management, ESG performance, AI and the digital transformation and the implications of the Greater Bay Area initiatives.

Rethink and Reset, with the assistance of leading governance experts, how corporate governance practices must change and how all practitioners must enhance existing skills and acquire new capabilities and awareness in order to serve their businesses and organisations, their stakeholders and the society of which we are part.

Join us for this Conference and contribute to reviewing, rethinking and resetting corporate governance for a new era.

Event Chair:
Mr Peter Greenwood MA FCG HKFCG

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  • Relevant – dealing with issues and topics which relate to the work of our members and other CG professionals across the wide range of organisations they serve, whether listed companies, growing SMEs, NGOs, social enterprises or public sector entities and authorities.
  • Authoritative – providing expertise and insights from leading experts and practitioners.
  • Enabling – equipping attendees with extra skills and awareness to enable them to make an even more effective contribution to good governance.
  • Forward-looking – dealing not just with today’s demands on corporate governance practitioners, but those they can expect to face in the coming years.
  • Practical – each session will include practical advice that corporate governance practitioners can deploy in their work.



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