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About The Event

ACRU 2022

Corporate Governance Paper Competition and Presentation Awards 2022

The annual Corporate Governance Paper Competition and Presentation Awards organised by the Institute aims at promoting the importance of good governance among local undergraduates and providing them with an opportunity to research, write and present their findings and opinions on the selected theme.

Current undergraduates of all disciplines in Hong Kong were eligible to enrol for this competition in a team of two to four members. Each enrolled team was required to submit a paper on the theme of not more than 5,000 words in English on or before 10 July 2022 to student@hkcgi.org.hk.

These papers are subject to a two-tier review: first by a designated group of reviewers to select six finalist teams; and then by the three-member panel judges to determine the Best Paper Award and the first and second runners-up of the Paper Competition.

The six finalist teams presented their papers on Saturday 17 September 2022 to compete for the Best Presentation Award and Audience's Favourite Team Award.

For the previous Competition, please visit HERE.

For enquiries, please contact Education and Examinations Section at 2830 6013 or student@hkcgi.org.hk.


About the theme

This year’s theme is ‘Do you think better governance leads to a better future for organisations?

Dealing with governance related matters is not an easy task. It takes resources, and the scope of coverage is expanding. How is it that better governance will lead an organisation having a better future? What should the metrics be used to measure a better future, and by what time-frame?